FAQ - Music Students' Service League - MTAC, West LA
MSSL is a student-run group serving the West Los Angeles community through music. We are a branch of the Music Teachers' Association of California.
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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m still confused… What is MSSL?
At our core, we are a student-run organization that uses the power of music to serve our community. Each year, we organize the MTAC-West LA Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert, perform at nursing homes for the holidays, and host fundraisers for music programs.


What are the upcoming MSSL events?
Here is a link to our upcoming events.




How do I become a member of MSSL?
Here’s a link to our registration form.


Is being a MSSL member a large commitment?
Members can choose how deeply they involve themselves. There are plenty of ways to take active roles in MSSL, such as becoming a program head or running for a board position. Members can also contribute by performing at our nursing homes recitals and helping out at concerts. There are many high commitment are low commitment ways that members can add value to MSSL, and we appreciate all of the help we can get.


How often does MSSL meet?
MSSL members meet roughly once a month.


Why should I join MSSL?
Click here to see 10 reasons why you should join MSSL!


If my music teacher is not a member of MTAC, can I still join MSSL?
As long as another current member of MSSL sponsors you, you can join MSSL. Please contact msslboard@gmail.com to find out more.




How can I be involved if I am unable to become member?
The easiest way to volunteer is by performing or helping out at our concerts (insert link to concert registration), but we appreciate all of the help we can get. Contact msslboard@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering in other ways!


How can I donate/support MSSL?
Here is a link to our donation form.


How can I contact MSSL?
Please visit our contact page.