Register - Music Students' Service League - MTAC, West LA
MSSL is a student-run group serving the West Los Angeles community through music. We are a branch of the Music Teachers' Association of California.
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Top 10 Reasons to Become a MSSL Member

  1. Acquire leadership skills
  2. Create a meaningful influence beyond yourself
  3. Collaborate and socialize with like-minded musicians
  4. Contribute your musical gifts to the community
  5. Develop greater responsibility, organization, and motivation
  6. Exchange ideas with some of Los Angeles’ most innovative students
  7. Engage in a meaningful involvement in musical endeavors
  8. Widen your global perspective
  9. Foster a lifelong commitment to community service
  10. We have food at our meetings!



Requirements for joining the Music Students’ Service League of West Los Angeles:


  • You must currently be studying with an active music teacher member of the West Los Angeles Branch of MTAC.
  • Alternatively, you must be sponsored by a student whose teacher is affiliated with the West Los Angeles Branch of MTAC.
  • If you are a senior in high school, you must take at least 3 lessons per quarter.

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    Why do you like giving back to the community? Please give past examples of how you have given back. *

    How has music brought you together with other people? Please elaborate by giving a specific example. *